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He is truly a professional web designer who designs sites from scratch, giving each and every design a unique touch. The reason we picked him as our web designer is because he is capable in bringing in fresh and unique ideas.

Abdul’s approach to the project was very detailed and meticulous and therefore impressive. He spent a lot of time in understanding the nature of our work. This was not an easy task as Rocky Jewellers is 25 years old, with too much information and too many images! It is this rigorous work that Abdul Rahuman put in, that has led to the creation of a management system that is bold and beautiful and presents Rocky Jewellers in a truly exciting manner and the UI of the management system is really impressive as well user friendly, I would say a new born baby would be able to use the system. We have had much pleasure working with Abdul. He is a fine young designer - creative, intelligent and rigorous.

Ashfhaq Mohamed

CEO of Rocky Jewellers