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Analyze the Bouncing Ball

December 21, 2018

Bounce rate is not only a major indicator of your site's usability, it greatly effects how you rank in SERPs. With that in mind, it's safe to say it's worth our time to get familiar with the measurement and consider ways to improve our bounce rate. In the analytics world, these quick exits are referred to as "bounces", and are measured in Google Analytics as the percentage of total visitors who leave your site after viewing only one page. You can see this number smack dab in the middle of your site's Analytics overview.

Importance of Understanding Your Bounce Rate
So now that you know what bounce rate is and how to analyse it you may be wondering why it’s good to understand it and how this can be of use to you. Here are five quick advantages you can get from understanding your websites bounce rate:

1. Improve content on pages with high bounce rate

2. See which type of pages hold users on the site best and create similar

3.Check if the organic keywords sending traffic are the right ones for your site or if you are ranking for keywords that don’t hold visitors.

4. Identify if there is a strong need for a redesign.


So now you know what a bounce rate is, how do you know if yours is good or more people are bouncing than should be? Bounce rates differ depending on the content of the page, for example:

- A holding page for a site that has no links to other pages on the same domain would have a 100% bounce rate as every visitor would have to exit once they have entered the page.

- Blog posts usually have a high bounce rate due to the whole post being on one page and many visitors entering the site only wanting to read that article as you're doing it now.

- PDP (Product Detail pages) on online stores tends to have a low bounce rate as users are browsing different products and will be actively looking around the site.

So next time make sure you don't allow the users to bounce their ball too often.

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