About Me

My mission is to help you bring positive results, faster than your competitor.

Abdul Rahuman

I like to get involved in coding communities. I am a local leader for freeCodeCamp Kandy, I also like to run events and help others learn in person. I believe in reducing the hassle for customers by providing them with a total solution, from the inception of an idea to the delivery of the product.

My Process

The delivery process I follow is, much like a fine wine, was matured in the casks of experience. Through working with clients I have identified the most successful methods of handling the numerous different requests clients may have, and have fine-tuned this into an effective process which drives every step of our engagements.

I work with my clients every step of the way, from inception and strategy, to design, and development. This ensures that the entire team goes along for the ride every step of the way – and nothing is lost in translation.



You have distinguished and constructed a Minimum Viable Product. You are prepared for beta dispatch and Customer Discovery.


You have paying clients and experiences! You are hoping to tweak your item/advertise fit and plan of action.


You plan on scaling execution and activities. You need to venture into new markets, local or worldwide.