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EST. 2018

The right person with the right skills

Abdul Co. is an individual of, highly skilled and passionate, designer and engineer. I create amazing digital products that deliver results, while ensuring a delightful user experience. I have the right skills, relevant experience, and a proven process to deliver great digital products faster.

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User Experience [UX]

I design consistent web and mobile experiences that promote engagement and conversion.

Web Applications

I build, test, and launch digital products with a lean approach to deliver fast results.

Mobile Apps

I understand your end users and learn what matters to them to drive organic growth.

My Work

Great products been built & It has achieved outstanding results for the clients.

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Happy Clients

Every step I take and every decision I make towards project accomplishment must be aligned with my clients' goals.

Recent Work

I work on every projects be they small or large as I own, so you are safe with me.


API Integrations / UX


App Design / User Research

Roomys Furnitue

UX / Development / Design